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The mood was tense until that day
When your head hit my shoulder
Your hair falling in such a way
That I knew that this was heaven
I knew I was alive

Blinking quickly the lights got dim
The movie was about to begin
As the screen was blank
It was playing in our eyes

The slides moved quickly
As fast as our hearts
Sooner or later it may fall apart
But that’s life
Some how we all are blind

So I’ll stand here at the top of this cliff
Breathing in the freshest scents
As I stare at the sun
And see nothing but your eyes

Why is it that we are all blind
If we only took the time
To find what we are missing
It’s all behind our eyes



The wind in my wings
Feeling everything
High above the clouds
Looking down at all the life as it passes by
Begging for the sun
To shine down love
Keeping me in the light as I fly

I’d love to see the ground pass below
Taking me to places
That I could never go
Lift me higher still
Living in the clouds
Keep me here so that I can be free