Music speaks to me, on many levels.  I am constantly captivated by genres of music that I do not expect and depending on my mood it will change.  I know this isn’t a groundbreaking discovery.  I am sure music speaks to you as well. (I would actually be impressed if music didn’t speak to you.) The point is this; there is a song for everything.

“Rolling in the Deep” – Adele is finding new meanings to my soul.  Her voice is captivating. It’s like the south has taken a hold of my soul.  I am not generally drawn to this style of music, but it’s out of ignorance more than anything.  Adele had me interested with “Chasing Pavements” but I wasn’t jumping at the chance to buy her album and then she disappeared.  This song has a resurgence and a power that I can’t really seem to describe.

Do you know when it hit me?
It wasn’t the countless times I’ve heard this at work. Nor was it the few times I’ve heard it with my girlfriend Jenna. No, I realized how powerful this song was after Young The Giant covered it. The past three songs I have listened to while preparing and whilst writing this are the two different versions of this song. YTG has the lead with two of the three, but that’s because Sameer’s voice is as interesting and as powerful (to me) as Adele.

Check out both versions.
Young The Giant

Let me know what you think.