I am far from political. I am not one to boldly state my opinions over anyone else’s. I’m not motivated by politics nor the conversations they inspire.

However, I am one of compassion and I find it hard to believe the way that we are treating our current president. As of now, he has not gone on record to state the improvements we are reaching because everyone is focused on his health care reform.

Believe it or not, we all need healthcare in some form or another. If you like the way we are headed, good for you. If you don’t, maybe the specifics aren’t great but do not deny someone medical attention. I recently did not have great coverage and if something would have happened, I would have been stuck in a tight situation. I couldn’t afford the coverage that I had. If the reform act would have been in place I wouldn’t have been worried like I was. I am, thankfully, employed by a company that offers an excellent healthcare package that works for me. Before this, I was very careful in how I treated my body and making sure that I wouldn’t get caught in a situation that would cause me a hefty cost to fix.

I know that our society does not always agree on viewpoints and I’m not asking anyone to do that.  I know, also, that I can’t force you to like our president.  However, I know more than enough people that choose to not exercise their right to vote, nor do they take action when they do not like what is going on.  If you don’t like the healthcare reform that we have, I challenge you to change it so that you can agree that everyone is covered and that it’s fair for you.  If you agree with the way that the healthcare reform plan is now, then more power to you.

I challenge you to accept that our country is not going to fit the bill you have for it, but I also challenge you to make the change you want to see.

You have a voice.

You have the ability to make changes.

If you forget, the way that the world changed back in the past, people spoke up. In the 60’s and 70’s, people spoke. They told their government that they were not happy with what was going on.  They made a difference. It takes time, but if enough people stand up, a difference can be made.


On a less serious note.
Listen to:

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until we meet again.