I am generally a positive person. Generally.

I try to find the good in the things around me. I try to see where life is heading and find the joy in the life around me. However there are times that I, like most, see nothing but negative. Case in point. This evening I went to see Dusty Rhoades and the River Band play their last show (I didn’t stay long enough though). As we waited for the first band to play at the Continental Room in Downtown Fullerton there was general conversation going on throughout the room. This is pretty standard, nothing wrong so far. However when the first band came on, who I truly do not know the name of, I felt that they were playing songs I have already heard and were not playing them well. This could have been due to the fact that I am getting kind of tired of the way music is going now.  It seems like all of the bands I am interested in are straying away from the pop aspect of music and going towards the somber, indie, rinse and repeat style of music that is popular now.  Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of bands that play this music well, and I do enjoy it. At the same time I get tired of bands that are trying to capitalize on a genre that is not meant for everyone.

As the band kept playing, I could only really hear the drums and bass clearly.

Was this by design? Maybe.
Was it all my brain wanted to hear? Perhaps.

However, I kept listening to the tone of the bass player and I was really into it. The bass groves that were underneath the 16th note frantic guitar strumming and leads that I couldn’t follow were stunning. It was simple and captivated me. It was almost hip hop-esque in that it was not a constant rhythm but syncopated with impressive fills that filled out rather bland and music that is not very interesting.

What does this mean to you and me? Well, I could have sat there and wallowed in the negative aspects of the band playing. I could have nitpicked the guitar playing and singing so that my reasoning would have been justified in my own head and left it at that. This would have then ruined my night and those around me.  I am not one to fake interest in a band if I do not like them.  I, unfortunately, walk outside or lose interest. However, tonight was different. I found something in the music that I liked. I followed along at my own pace. I lost interest in whatever the guitarists were playing as well as what the vocalist was singing.

As a lesson to myself, I think I can apply this to everything else in life.  We are not always in situations that we enjoy, but there is almost always something we can enjoy where ever we are. Try to find your bass grove when you feel down.