This evening, while walking around Target, I learned that I will be gainfully employed again. Exciting news. Very exciting news. I am going to be doing the same work that I was doing in Buffalo, New York.  I will be working as a teller for Union Bank here in Southern California.  This is going to be an interesting endeavor for me as I am going to be learning a new set of ideas that surround a new business.  This is going to be a new set of ideas in the same industry that I worked in before.  The principle ideas will be the same, but there will be very different approaches to the way that they do business.  I will be learning as I go and growing as a person.

The one thing I realize is that I will be able to be myself. I will be able to institute my personality as well as what I have learned before in hopes to create a viable option as a career.

So how is this inspiring? Well, as we find new beginnings we find ends.  There is always an end of an era when you start a new one.  This is kind of daunting, yet it’s refreshing.  Looking at the end of an era or an age, you can see what worked for you in the past as well as the areas that you can change.  Finding these areas for improvement and the ideas that we would like to keep allow you to focus on what you will do in the future.  The only way to advance is to learn from the past without losing yourself.

I think we are generally focused on learning how to become what is expected that we forget who we are.  I wonder if this is why society is generally disassociated? What do you think?  Do you think that society wants to mold us into something that we are not, or do you feel that we are allowed to be ourselves in this society?