If you are not familiar with where I got the inspiration for the title of this blog, please check out the band Mumford & Sons. The song has a pretty vulgar word in it a few times, but beyond that the song, and band for that matter, are pretty great. Anyway, today is a day to wear purple in remembrance of the six students that committed suicide due to the harassment they received for being gay. This has me thinking, quite a bit actually. I like to be an ear for anyone that has something to say, but am I listening to the right people? I mean sure, I can listen to my friends and family members, but am I listening to others? If someone would have been an ear for these people would the result have been the same.

I’m starting to realize that people have stories. People want to share their experiences, much like I am through this. Perhaps we are not giving people a chance to share their stories. I have noticed in my own life that I am not always listening when people are talking. It’s an unfortunate habit that I am in. Most of the time, it’s not intentional. I try to be attentive during conversations, but my mind is also known to race through countless things at any given moment.  Most of the time I can catch myself before I look like a fool when someone asks me a question, but there is the inevitable time that I am caught red-handed.

What would happen if you opened your ears to someone today? What would you learn? What would you gain? Who might you save? These are questions that swarm in my head when I hear stories like the ones that came from these horrendous acts that have happened in recent weeks.  I feel that there are lives at stake and there is something more we can do.  Obviously wearing purple today helps raise awareness today. But what about tomorrow? What about next week? What can we do to keep awareness alive?

I also think about New Orleans and Haiti in times like this. How quickly did we all forget about those places? It seems like as soon as the media coverage dissipates people seem to forget or move on to the next flavor of the month.  I think we need to stay positive and diligent. We can keep the conversation going, by listening.

I challenge you to listen to someone today. It doesn’t matter who they are. Listen to your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, aunt, uncle, neighbor or a stranger. Ask them how they are doing and if they give you the cookie cutter answer dig deeper. There is something that needs to be said and if you give someone that avenue they will take it.

Listen to Mumford & Sons and the song of the month from Rockharbor Worship “Nothing Compares”