there is a certain feel to it
a mixture of scent and touch
making the perfect fit
letting me feel like i am a part of it
a part of this new life
that was there all along
keeping me entranced with the past that i had
and the future that is calling me home
the method is not in the madness this time
as i have not gotten to a point that it makes sense
it’s just what i know
it’s where i call home

the cloudless skies always open my eyes
to the green pastures of yesterday
the brake lights always remind me of those times
that i could just drive for hours
waiting for a friend to finish a conversation
staring to the stars for a moment or two
just waiting for that moment that the skies would part
as the marine layer starts to roll in
the subtle hum of cars is ever present
and it’s like the ocean waves
that always put me to sleep

this is home
this is what i know

please take me back to these california skies
the same skies that kept me alive
keeping my eyes on the unattainable prize
focusing on the things that were important at that place in time
loving it all as the waves would roll in
though the times could get rough
looking into those open skies
would remind me that the currents always change
finding the way back to a certain normalcy

so picture a cross country drive
the wind in my sails
always at my back
though i’d be heading into the jet stream
this isn’t a matter of fact or fiction
it’s a matter of time and superstition
there are a few lines to figure and cross
a makeshift time of trite and grit
leading me to be weak and strong
it’s time to give in to the life that I need to lead
opposed to the life i’ve choosen

the state seemed to be so alive
i only hope that I can open my eyes