it’s like a night time drive through the city we called home
staying out as late as possible
never separate, leaving little to the imagination
turning over a few leaves without disturbing them
keeping ourselves simple and safe
we never knew that it would be like this
a simple collection of memories that fade as the days go on

it’s so good to find these places that we lose
even if it’s gut-wrenching
even if our teeth are clenched
our fists are balled into fists
the tears are filling our eyes
as the good times we had
are masked by the mistakes i made
the challenges I took
when the ground barely shook
if there was an earthquake then
i am doomed for what could come next

the windows were rolled down
the music was turned up
our voices were following along
as were drove up and down the freeways
finding a new place to go
though we always ended up in the same place
we were a roller coaster ride
up and down
side to side
but I still seem to miss you since you’ve been gone

this is a place that I never thought I’d see again
determined to move on and forget
learning from the past
distancing myself from the place that i left
leaving for a reason that has made less sense
since the day had arrived
fearing a repeat performance
i shut the world out
a little bit more at a time
while the skies still pass overhead
and life still goes on

so i will stand in the alleyways
remembering the good nights when the stars would shine
and the movies would still be alive
the fireworks were still behind my eyes
the neon lights fade to the disappearing horizon
the collection should be stored on a shelf
occasionally opened as a reference
used as a guide, but i am too tempted to try again

my life is a never-ending collection of dreams
and movie reels that have no end
show me the door
it’s the last place left before I hit the floor