I am not just another blog
I am not just another song
I am a figment of your imagination
something that you dream up
to keep you warm at night

remember these words
as the words that were meant to break your heart
a line that was meant from the start
a path quick, straight and true
I am never sure how I could live a life
full of dreams without you

I am not an awkward moment
I am not a public service announcement
I am a cause of numerous mistakes
mistakes that I continue to make
hoping that I can overcome the fears
that are laying at my feet

remember these words
as the words that broke the stones
the stones that were tied to my feet
keeping me on the sea floor
where I’ve always belonged
a mere sea creature that was given a chance
a chance to make but
but it was too easy to break it

consider this
a far cry from the norm
a song that never had a melody
lyrical breakdown when the lights were bright
a snapped cable when the feed was live
a drink that was spilled on the bar
right after the tab was closed
this isn’t a refill kind of night
just drink up what you got
and remember these words

I am not just another version of you
I am not just another version of the life
I am a version of myself that I strive to be
through my pitfalls and peaks
I am just another version of me