Remember those days
When the sun would shine
And the grass would make us feel alive
As soon as the recess bell rang we were free
To run, jump, scream
We could be anything
Playing football or kickball
Or just running as fast as we could
Like it was all we knew

The standard of living has changed dramatically
We used to be simple
And now we’ve messed it all up

There were days that we couldn’t go out
So we would sit inside and play board games
The cabin fever was rampant on these days
All we really wanted was to be outside
We needed to have that fresh air in our lungs
We needed to be able to run

The standard of living has changed drastically
We took like for granted
And now we stand on trial for what we’ve lost

Our activities now are spent indoors
With simple comforts
That take us to different places
Making us into different people
Changing our direction and thoughts
Showing us a new reality
Perhaps a false hope of the life we used to know
Maybe we are just destined to live in the past

The standard of living never changed
We made this mess thinking it was for the best
And yet here is the bed we have made
Time to take life back into our own hands