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one year (plus)

I haven’t had a chance to write anything in a year.


That’s a lie… I have had time, I just haven’t.


Long life

Music speaks to me, on many levels.  I am constantly captivated by genres of music that I do not expect and depending on my mood it will change.  I know this isn’t a groundbreaking discovery.  I am sure music speaks to you as well. (I would actually be impressed if music didn’t speak to you.) The point is this; there is a song for everything.

“Rolling in the Deep” – Adele is finding new meanings to my soul.  Her voice is captivating. It’s like the south has taken a hold of my soul.  I am not generally drawn to this style of music, but it’s out of ignorance more than anything.  Adele had me interested with “Chasing Pavements” but I wasn’t jumping at the chance to buy her album and then she disappeared.  This song has a resurgence and a power that I can’t really seem to describe.

Do you know when it hit me?
It wasn’t the countless times I’ve heard this at work. Nor was it the few times I’ve heard it with my girlfriend Jenna. No, I realized how powerful this song was after Young The Giant covered it. The past three songs I have listened to while preparing and whilst writing this are the two different versions of this song. YTG has the lead with two of the three, but that’s because Sameer’s voice is as interesting and as powerful (to me) as Adele.

Check out both versions.
Young The Giant

Let me know what you think.


my worst enemy. my brain is tired, and yet I am still awake.  I keep scavenging the internet for cures, but alas there are none. I only find new things to captivate my mind.

this is how it goes.

the one thing that seems to be a reoccurring theme this evening is the past.  I was looking at pictures on facebook. lurking if you will. not to see what people are up to, but to see where they have been.  The pictures, however, didn’t take me to places that I wish I could have gone. No. They took me back to the “good-ole-days” if I am allowed to have those.

I looked at my past. What I was in to.  The things I did. I can still recall when the “night-of-my-life” moment that happened when Spend The Night had their album release show at Chain Reaction. I remembered how stoked I was for that night, and how it did not fail to deliver.

I also remember passing on going to Arizona State after paying all of my deposits and basically committing myself to them.

But all of this thought of the past doesn’t lead me to the path it used to. I used to dwell there. Thinking about mistakes. Well… mistakes happen. They have shaped my life today.  I am really, honestly happy with where I am today.  It’s a great place. Sure I haven’t accomplished what I have wanted to, but that’s not what life is about.  It’s not about what I want to accomplish. I am not going to sell my soul to get what I want.  I will, however, wait for my path and work like I always have.

there is never an end or a turning-back point.  We always go forward. We always move ahead.

If I leave you with one thing, let me leave you with this.

Your past is the past. It made you who you are today.  If there was something you wish you could have changed in the past, change it now. You can’t change what happened, and you can’t control the world. All you can do is control your decisions. Choose what is right for you. I promise you will sleep better at night, even if you can’t fall right to sleep.

Check One. Two.

Is this thing on? I don’t really know.

I was adamant about posting, but I have kind of lost track of time.  It, seriously, has flown by.  The year is almost over and I am not sure how it all began.

I will do my best to post.


don’t lose hope on me yet.


Do you believe?

Do you believe in anything? Life? Love? Work? Hope?

Imagine a world of believers. A world filled with childlike wonderment. A life that is filled with days that are enacts gloomy regardless of the weather. If you dont, please know it gets better. When the world seems dark and far away there are arms outstretched to run to. There are eyes and ears open so that you can believe again.

Do you trust yourself enough to believe?

Are you running on empty and hoping for someone else to fill you up?

Believe in something and know that life will return to you.

If you need an eye or ear, let me know.


I am far from political. I am not one to boldly state my opinions over anyone else’s. I’m not motivated by politics nor the conversations they inspire.

However, I am one of compassion and I find it hard to believe the way that we are treating our current president. As of now, he has not gone on record to state the improvements we are reaching because everyone is focused on his health care reform.

Believe it or not, we all need healthcare in some form or another. If you like the way we are headed, good for you. If you don’t, maybe the specifics aren’t great but do not deny someone medical attention. I recently did not have great coverage and if something would have happened, I would have been stuck in a tight situation. I couldn’t afford the coverage that I had. If the reform act would have been in place I wouldn’t have been worried like I was. I am, thankfully, employed by a company that offers an excellent healthcare package that works for me. Before this, I was very careful in how I treated my body and making sure that I wouldn’t get caught in a situation that would cause me a hefty cost to fix.

I know that our society does not always agree on viewpoints and I’m not asking anyone to do that.  I know, also, that I can’t force you to like our president.  However, I know more than enough people that choose to not exercise their right to vote, nor do they take action when they do not like what is going on.  If you don’t like the healthcare reform that we have, I challenge you to change it so that you can agree that everyone is covered and that it’s fair for you.  If you agree with the way that the healthcare reform plan is now, then more power to you.

I challenge you to accept that our country is not going to fit the bill you have for it, but I also challenge you to make the change you want to see.

You have a voice.

You have the ability to make changes.

If you forget, the way that the world changed back in the past, people spoke up. In the 60’s and 70’s, people spoke. They told their government that they were not happy with what was going on.  They made a difference. It takes time, but if enough people stand up, a difference can be made.


On a less serious note.
Listen to:

LA Font
Young the Giant
Hellogoodbye (new record out on 11/9)
Mumford & Sons
The Black Keys


until we meet again.


I am generally a positive person. Generally.

I try to find the good in the things around me. I try to see where life is heading and find the joy in the life around me. However there are times that I, like most, see nothing but negative. Case in point. This evening I went to see Dusty Rhoades and the River Band play their last show (I didn’t stay long enough though). As we waited for the first band to play at the Continental Room in Downtown Fullerton there was general conversation going on throughout the room. This is pretty standard, nothing wrong so far. However when the first band came on, who I truly do not know the name of, I felt that they were playing songs I have already heard and were not playing them well. This could have been due to the fact that I am getting kind of tired of the way music is going now.  It seems like all of the bands I am interested in are straying away from the pop aspect of music and going towards the somber, indie, rinse and repeat style of music that is popular now.  Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of bands that play this music well, and I do enjoy it. At the same time I get tired of bands that are trying to capitalize on a genre that is not meant for everyone.

As the band kept playing, I could only really hear the drums and bass clearly.

Was this by design? Maybe.
Was it all my brain wanted to hear? Perhaps.

However, I kept listening to the tone of the bass player and I was really into it. The bass groves that were underneath the 16th note frantic guitar strumming and leads that I couldn’t follow were stunning. It was simple and captivated me. It was almost hip hop-esque in that it was not a constant rhythm but syncopated with impressive fills that filled out rather bland and music that is not very interesting.

What does this mean to you and me? Well, I could have sat there and wallowed in the negative aspects of the band playing. I could have nitpicked the guitar playing and singing so that my reasoning would have been justified in my own head and left it at that. This would have then ruined my night and those around me.  I am not one to fake interest in a band if I do not like them.  I, unfortunately, walk outside or lose interest. However, tonight was different. I found something in the music that I liked. I followed along at my own pace. I lost interest in whatever the guitarists were playing as well as what the vocalist was singing.

As a lesson to myself, I think I can apply this to everything else in life.  We are not always in situations that we enjoy, but there is almost always something we can enjoy where ever we are. Try to find your bass grove when you feel down.

If you are not familiar with where I got the inspiration for the title of this blog, please check out the band Mumford & Sons. The song has a pretty vulgar word in it a few times, but beyond that the song, and band for that matter, are pretty great. Anyway, today is a day to wear purple in remembrance of the six students that committed suicide due to the harassment they received for being gay. This has me thinking, quite a bit actually. I like to be an ear for anyone that has something to say, but am I listening to the right people? I mean sure, I can listen to my friends and family members, but am I listening to others? If someone would have been an ear for these people would the result have been the same.

I’m starting to realize that people have stories. People want to share their experiences, much like I am through this. Perhaps we are not giving people a chance to share their stories. I have noticed in my own life that I am not always listening when people are talking. It’s an unfortunate habit that I am in. Most of the time, it’s not intentional. I try to be attentive during conversations, but my mind is also known to race through countless things at any given moment.  Most of the time I can catch myself before I look like a fool when someone asks me a question, but there is the inevitable time that I am caught red-handed.

What would happen if you opened your ears to someone today? What would you learn? What would you gain? Who might you save? These are questions that swarm in my head when I hear stories like the ones that came from these horrendous acts that have happened in recent weeks.  I feel that there are lives at stake and there is something more we can do.  Obviously wearing purple today helps raise awareness today. But what about tomorrow? What about next week? What can we do to keep awareness alive?

I also think about New Orleans and Haiti in times like this. How quickly did we all forget about those places? It seems like as soon as the media coverage dissipates people seem to forget or move on to the next flavor of the month.  I think we need to stay positive and diligent. We can keep the conversation going, by listening.

I challenge you to listen to someone today. It doesn’t matter who they are. Listen to your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, aunt, uncle, neighbor or a stranger. Ask them how they are doing and if they give you the cookie cutter answer dig deeper. There is something that needs to be said and if you give someone that avenue they will take it.

Listen to Mumford & Sons and the song of the month from Rockharbor Worship “Nothing Compares”

watch your words
because if you speak too quick
your words will kick you off your feet
the fall that you don’t want to take
the risk that no one can take
this is the bend that leads to the break
feel the wind in your face
the fall is all we have to fall back on

is this the place that we walk on thin ice
do we walk the fine line like a tight rope
or do we fall with the fleeting hope
when they say that we cant make it
that the line is too thin and much too far
will we back down
will we given in

speak slow sweet character
use the words that express your love
don’t worry about the lines you may cross
you’ve got a safety net underneath your feet
though they may want us to fall
you will land safely and continue on